Alumnae Representative: Job Description

The Alumnae Representative is a liaison between local Alumnae members and the LLL Alumnae Association. Her activities express the LLL Alumnae Association mission: to provide an opportunity for current and former La Leche League Leaders and members to continue a lifelong connection with one another, extend La Leche League values and wisdom into all stages of life, and support the mission of La Leche League.

The Alumnae Representative (AR):

  • Shares information and resources with local Alum members, Leaders, and other Alumnae Representatives
  • Communicates regularly, and as needed, with the Alumnae Representative Coordinator (ARC), who is a member of the LLL Alumnae Association Council
  • Encourages memberships in the LLL Alumnae Association and is a member herself
  • Coordinates community-building Alum activities such as group dinners, conference functions, or local day trips
  • Represents a geographic area (state or region) or in some LLL Areas (or entities) she may be a member of the Area Council /team

Each Alumnae Representative fulfills the job based on community needs and her interests. Here are some ideas. Consider this as a menu from which to choose one or two options.


  • Acts as liaison between former and current Leaders and members in a local geographic area and the LLL Alumnae Association
  • Locates and keeps in touch with former Leaders, maintains a database of former Leaders
  • Gathers Alumnae Association members together for fun-filled gatherings, activities and adventures


  • Supports local Leaders with special projects such as LLL Area history and archives, mentoring, speaking at conferences or serving as a member of the local LLL Council or team
  • Affirms the accomplishments of members of the LLL community (i.e., recognition ceremonies at events, articles for LLL Area/Area Network newsletters or Continuum, selling Leader recognition pins)
  • Thanks newly retired LLL Leaders for their service, provides a forum for acknowledgement
  • Plans service projects with Alumnae Association members that support the mission of La Leche League and nurtures future generations of breastfeeding families
  • Creates a safe haven for the many diverse stakeholders of La Leche League


  • Sustains the LLL Alumnae Association by encouraging membership, donations to Alumnae Association projects, and developing donors
  • Advocates for the LLL Alumnae Association by sharing info on Alumnae Association activities and projects with local current and former LLL Leaders and members (via newsletters, online chat groups, social media, attending and exhibiting at LLL events, etc.)
  • Fosters the mission and philosophy of La Leche League and breastfeeding endeavors in the community

Reimbursement may be available for some expenses associated with the Alumnae Representative job, such as registration/exhibit fees at an LLL conference, postage for mailings to local Alumnae Association members, etc.

Contact Pam Oselka, Alumnae Representative Coordinator, for more info.