Get Involved


Participate with the LLL Alumnae Association on various projects. Consider becoming an Alumnae Representative for your LLL Area or state, host an Alum exhibit table or tea at an LLL conference, gather Alums together for a fun dinner or a trip to a local attraction ... Check out the photos on the right to see the fun and adventures you can have!
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Interested in being an Alumnae Representative?

See the Alumnae Representative (AR) page for the list of ARs. Contact AR Coordinator Pam Oselka at for more information if your Area needs an AR.

Alumnae Council Members

Patti, Gail, Sue, Pam, Judy, Fran and Edna

Adventures with the Alums

St. Augustine, FL alum trip, 2011.

Clowning Around with the Alums

What kind of clown nose does a La Leche League Alum wear? Alum trip, 2013.

Connecting with the "C" Hold

Alums demonstrate the "C" hold. Area Alum Tea, 2011, Sacramento, CA.