Dorothy Murphy

Indiana United States
(b. 1927 - d. 2013)

Dorothy Dubala Murphy died on April 15, 2013 at her home in South Bend, Indiana, after suffering a severe stroke. She was 85 years old. She received her R.N. degree from Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in 1948. She worked at Memorial Hospital of South Bend in surgery and obstetrics. After some time, she stopped working in order to raise her family. She was a La Leche League (LLL) Leader and founded the LLL of South Bend Chapter, promoting breastfeeding at a time when bottle feeding was the norm. For 17 years she was involved with the Chapter helping mothers to breastfeed. She began the movement that ultimately resulted in fathers being present in the delivery room and attended the first 20 local natural childbirths with fathers present. She was a deeply spiritual woman and a dedicated mother. She is survived by her son, two daughters, and two grandchildren.