Ethel-Marie Underhill

Colorado United States
(b. 1942 - d. 2014)

Ethel-Marie Underhill passed away on July 31, 2014 after many years of dealing with chronic leukemia. She was preceded in death by her husband, Bob, to whom she was married for 40 years. Together they traveled to more than 50 countries. She is survived by three daughters and three granddaughters.

As a registered nurse, she worked primarily in the obstetrics department and as an instructor. Her primary vocations were wife, mother, friend, and volunteer. She volunteered in various organizations in the many communities where she lived. She was a La Leche League Leader for many years. From 1981-1986, she served as the "Around the World" Division Director for LLL International. She was a talented fiber artist, selling her handknit original creations at art shows and boutiques throughout the East Coast. Her joys included singing, traveling, playing, and laughing with those she loved.