Tributes and Memorials

Tributes and the Judy Torgus Memorial Event


Tribute memberships offer the opportunity for a member to connect with other Alumnae members, colleagues, or cherished friends and family. The LLL Alumane Association sends $5 to the LLL Breastfeeding Helpline-US with each Tribute Membership

Barbara Gillentine, Yorba Linda, California USA. Tribute to Jody Nathanson, Redondo Beach, California USA. "I learned so much from her beautiful example of mothering and caring. Thank you!" One year 5/12/2015 – 6/15/2016

Lana Carroll, Eau Claire, Wisconsin USA. Tribute to Mary White, LLL co-Founder, River Forest, Illinois USA. "In 1973, she helped me nurse my first baby through an illness. Mary set the stage for me to become an LLL Leader." One year 6/30/2015 – 6/30/2016

Martha Sears, Dana Point, California USA. Tribute to Janet Jendron, Columbia, South Carolina USA. "Janet, you inspired me as a new Leader 35 years ago and you still do today." One Year 11/30/2015 – 11/30/2016

Sandy Moore-Furneaux, Norman, Oklahoma USA. Tribute to Debbi Heffern, St. Louis, Missouri USA, "for her tireless work for LLL at multiple levels and her patient education and support of Leaders." One year 2/24/2016 – 2/24/2017

Constance Pond, New York, New York USA. Tribute to LLL co-Founders "in appreciation for all you have done to make La Leche League a presence for breastfeeding mothers and babies." One year 4/9/2016 – 4/9/2017

Barbara Sasser, Galveston, Texas USA. Tribute to Kathy Grossman, Moab, Utah. "She has given much to LLLI as a Leader and editor of many LLL publications." 4/10/2016 – 4/10/2021

Mardrey Swenson West Lebanon, New Hampshire USA. "In honor of Kathy Baker who inspired me to greater heights." 7/12/2016 -7/12/2017 One-Year Tribute

Judy Torgus Memorial Event

We Remember Judy Torgus, La Leche League Pioneer

Judy joined LLL in 1959 and attended a meeting at Mary White's home while pregnant with her first child. She used her writing and editing expertise as a volunteer for many years before she became an employee of LLLI.
Judy became the editor of publications about all phases of breastfeeding. During her 30 years on staff, she edited dozens of LLLI publications including The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, The Breastfeeding Answer Book, Leaven, and New Beginnings. She retired in 2007 as the Publications Director.

Judy Torgus wrote this in remembrance of Edwina Froehlich, LLLI co-Founder, in 2008.

"I met her in 1960 when I was a young mother attending La Leche League meetings with my first son. After one meeting, I approached Edwina and hesitantly offered to help write letters. She enthusiastically accepted my offer and a few days later I visited her home to pick up a supply of books, stamps, envelopes, and letters from mothers. She gave me a quick course in how to reply to the letters and told me to call her if a mother wrote back with a question I could not answer. And that began my 48 years of volunteering for LLLI.
In 1964, I was invited to join the Founders on the LLLI Executive Board, which later became the Board of Directors. We usually met weekly in one of our homes and the discussions would often become intense and go beyond our time schedule. In 1977, when my term on the Board came to an end, I became a member of the LLLI office staff, working under Mary Carson in the Publications Department. But Edwina's office was just across the hall and she continued to be a source of information and support. At this point my questions were often about dealing with teenagers!
When I retired from the LLLI office staff as Executive Editor in 2007, it was again Edwina who helped me face the changes this would bring in my life. She told me, "You will soon love being home every day," and she was right once again.
Edwina really knew how to enjoy life. She loved spending time with her family and friends. She treasured old friends and never stopped making new ones. She loved to travel, cook, read, shop, attend movies and shows, meditate, and pray. She never stopped learning and growing and reaching out to others. She lived her life to the fullest for 93 years and she died peacefully. Who could ask for anything more."

What a legacy Judy has left.

“The Alumnae organization is very special to me because it keeps all of us in touch with a great group of friends who share a common bond. We can all be proud of the work we did together over the years and the hundreds of thousands of babies who were breastfed because of our dedication and love.”
—Judy Torgus, 2011

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